Top reporters agree: Thanks to ignorance, the press leans left

Media bias aside, Allen posed a final question: What’s their advice for young people on how to succeed in journalism, in D.C. and life?

It seemed the entire Politico Playbook breakfast was leading toward a question sure to make the right-wing media’s heads explode in validation today. “Does the media lean left?” asked Chief White House Correspondent Mike Allen, allowing panelists to respond with only a simple “yes” or “no” answer.

Maybe a better question: Do ducks quack? All four panelists replied, “Yes.”

But all four also stressed that major context was needed to explain their answers. They got their chance to elaborate. Allen’s no scrooge on that front.

On the panel were four of Washington’s top reporters: NYT‘s Mark Leibovich and Peter Baker, NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell and CNN’s Jake Tapper.

After all four journalists replied “yes,” Tapper was quick to say, “Before I get tweets about this, I’m not talking about every reporter out there.” At which point Leibovich piped up and razzed him a little. “To be sure, later in the panel, Tapper revisited the statement,” he said. With a certain degree of disdain, Tapper said Media Research Center President Brent Bozell would be sure to have a field day with this. “The four yeses are going to be taken by Brent Bozell and that’s the end of it,” he said.


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