‘Futurescape’ with James Woods explores space travel (Video)

Will humans ever be able to colonize space? Tonight’s episode of a new Science Channel show explores how it could eventually become a possibility.

Colonizing the solar system might sound like a big job, but some think that humans are destined to do it.

The newest episode of “Futurescape” — a new series from the Science Channel — explores just how far humanity’s reach might extend into the universe in the distant future. The episode called “Galactic Pioneers” is set to air tonight (Dec. 10), and delves into the ways that humans could leave Earth to populate other planets.

“Once we do have the technology, humankind will no doubt be making its new home out here among the stars,” James Woods, actor and host of “Futurescape,” said at the start of the new show’s “Galactic Pioneers” episode.


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