Australia: Time to end the fetish of diversity

Diversity is no longer something that exists naturally, as you might expect in a country that by 2010 had become the third-most culturally diverse nation in the world (after Singapore and Hong Kong). Instead, diversity has become a moral objective promoted as an end in itself – precisely what is intended in the proposed Multicultural Act. This narrow focus on promoting diversity threatens individual liberty by promoting the interests of particular groups over those of the individual.

Hard multiculturalism is threatening Australia’s success story of building a harmonious nation of immigrants.

Proponents of the multiculturalism industry argue that unless the state manages cultural and ethnic diversity, the ‘fair go’ will not be extended equally to all Australians.

Fears that the Abbott government will turn its back on multiculturalism have prompted calls from the Federation of Ethnic Communities Council of Australia (FECCA) for Parliament to pass a Multicultural Act.

The proposed Act would set in place a national language policy and a national scheme of accreditation for translators and interpreters. It would also emphasise the need for access and equity principles, anti-discrimination legislation, and what the FECCA calls “cultural competency” at all levels of government.

The FECCA does not mince its words. “The apparent neglect of the Australian Government to adequately recognise and support multiculturalism…could see Australian society experience difficulties often cited in [Europe].” The FECCA’s list of these social ills includes crime, entrenched poverty and extremism.


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