Scary Santa’s Urgent Message Threatens Canceling Christmas if Global Warming Isn’t Stopped (Video)

Greenpeace’s appeal comes amid reports of recent weather trends that show global cooling is actually happening. This week, a record cold temperature of 138.5 degrees below zero was recorded in Antarctica.

Environmental activism group Greenpeace is using a scary video of Santa Claus to push their agenda to fight global warming: a desperate appeal from the man himself urging kids and their parents to sign a petition to “Save Santa’s Home.”

“Dear children, regrettably, I bring bad tidings. For some time now, melting ice here at the North Pole has made our operations and our day-to-day life intolerable and impossible and there may be no alternative but to cancel Christmas,” a bedraggled Mr. Claus tells the camera.

Standing in a dingy, windowless room with flickering lights and the sounds of water dripping, the dirty and sweaty Father Christmas says he has “written personally to President Obama, President Putin, all world leaders. Sadly, my letters have been met with indifference. Needless to say, these individuals are now at the top of my naughty list.”

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