Krauthammer: Mexico Radioactive Theft Proves We Need a Secure Border

The United States has already experienced multiple security breaches this year, from allowing terrorist sleepers into the country and failing to stop the Tsarnaev’s. Imagine what could have happened if the stolen material had been transported and/or used against America. Our national security isn’t something Obama’s administration should be willing to jeopardize.

Mexican authorities reported that a truck carrying cobalt-60–used in radiation therapy to treat cancer–had been stolen Monday, prompting renewed calls for increased border security.

While Mexican authorities said there were no signs indicating the theft of the radioactive material was intentional or intended for an act of terrorism, Krauthammer, a syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor said it draws attention to a greater risk.

“There is always a threat, particularly with Hezbollah elements in the Americas, which we know is true,” Krauthammer said. “Hezbollah has carried out attacks as far away as Argentina and it has bases, or at least it has contacts in places like Venezuela.”

Video linked here at original source.

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