France: Judgment Day is Nigh! Or is it?

“The French now believe that Marine Le Pen is the solution.”

Yesterday was Armistice Day in France, the French Remembrance Day. A day the entire Nation remembers the dead from WWI. A day the entire Nation unites behind the symbol of the Republic: the President. But yesterday, President Hollande was booed during the tribute at the Arc de Triomphe, in Paris, and seventy people with links to extremist groups were arrested by the police. The dark side of the French Society is not hiding any longer. The Pandora box is now wide open.

In a recent poll for Clai-Metronews-LCI by Opinionway, only 3% of the people in France are “very satisfied” by French President François Hollande and 13% of them say they are “satisfied”. It means a scary 77% of the population is “unhappy” with the President. Unhappy or angry?

After the great gay marriage divide, the case of the budget Minister who publicly lied about tax-dodging and his secret Swiss bank account, the failing economic policies, a government that both fails to listens and to communicate with the people and the current so-called “red caps” revolt, that started with the farmers in Brittany over the green “ecotax” and is now spreading to more and more regions in France, we can only wonder what is going to happen next to the world’s ninth largest economy.


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