Cyber gang’s 10 hour $45 million cyber heist

The cyber criminals who carried out Ireland’s biggest computer hacking heist are experts in fleecing millions from banks and their customers.

The chief suspects are from Eastern Europe according to Garda

Commissioner Martin Callinan, speaking last week on the data breach at LoyaltyBuild.

The credit card details of 374,000 customers were stolen in a cyber attack on the Co. Clare firm that could be worth €13 million to the hackers, who sell card information for as much as €40 each.

But the Russian criminal syndicates behind the hacking scams have already made millions from their illegal computer skills.

In one stunning robbery, the cyber gang organised ‘cashers’ in 24 different countries using cloned credit cards to steal $45million (€34m) dollars in just 10 hours.

The speed and scale of the attacks in December 2012 and again in February this year left banks and security analysts shocked.

The hackers cleverly identified a flaw at two Middle Eastern banks who handled pre-paid credit card accounts.


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