Ted Nugent Joins Rock to the Rescue Concert

The Motor City Madman is headed for Bloomington, Ill.

Ted Nugent has announced he’ll be joining some of the Midwest’s longest-running rock stars for the Rock to the Rescue fundraising concert on Dec. 4. As Bravewords notes, Nugent’s addition to the bill reunites the Midwest Rock & Roll Express tour lineup, which found him playing alongside Styx and REO Speedwagon.

Tickets for the Rock to the Rescue concert are being sold for $58, $43 and $28; according to the press release announcing the event, funds are being raised for “affected families in central Illinois communities that were left reeling in the wake of devastating tornadoes and winds.” Additionally, “In order to maximize charitable proceeds, the artists, along with numerous vendors, crew and local staff have generously forgone any personal compensation for the evening.”

“The good people of Illinois lent support and a helping hand to every artist on this bill at different times in their respective careers, and we owe a tremendous debt,” explained Styx guitarist James ‘JY’ Young. “It’s our turn to ask what we can do for this great state, and the best way we know to help those in need is to get on stage and let the incredible healing power of music play its part in rebuilding Illinois.”


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