Buchanan: Obama “Was Going To Be For Progressives What Reagan Was For Conservatives” (Video)

You know, Barack Obama promised he was going to be a transformational president. He was going to be for progressives what Ronald Reagan was for conservatives. And we now see that his basic program, his legacy program, his great achievement is becoming increasingly a great disaster and a great failure. So I think it is not only again the president that’s got a problem, it is the philosophy of the Democratic party and I don’t know whenever again a president will attempt this kind of great leap forward with government.

DANA PERINO, HOST: What are the consequences at all that the Obama administration pays for botching the rollout of the president’s signature program?

PAT BUCHANAN: By now, Dana, it’s been two months and as Churchill once said, the rubble is beginning to bounce. One after another, after another of these stories is adding to the public’s dissatisfaction with what Obamacare is producing, their distrust of government. And I don’t think this is going to stop, because even if you have the Obamacare website up there at 100%, you mean the other people losing their health care and hospitals and doctors, all the rest, that is going through to the new year.

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