In immigration news: Reform politics, ethnic divide over CA immigrant laws, ‘virtual kidnapping’ scam, more

According to a new poll, there are big gaps in how Latino and white Californians feel about new immigration-related state laws. For example: “Nearly 69% of Latino voters but only 44% of whites support the new driving privilege law. The split was sharper on whether those who are in the country illegally should be allowed to become attorneys, with 65% of Latino voters in favor but only 26% of whites.”

White House seeks Republican immigration help – Politico: From the story: “The White House has reached out to former George W. Bush administration officials, conservative business leaders and selected House members, all in search of a way to hone a message that can move House leaders without scaring them off.”

Head of banking group pushes Republicans to back immigration reform – Los Angeles Times: Frank Keating, head of the American Bankers Assn. and a former Republican governor of Oklahoma, has written in an opinion piece invoking former president Ronald Reagan that “Reagan would say ‘it’s time to open the doors’ to immigrants to boost the economy.”

Immigration vote unlikely this year, lawmaker says – New York Times: House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, a Republican, told protesters he met with after a late-night sit-in at his Bakersfield office last week that “the 16 days remaining on the House calendar in 2013 were too short a window for the House to take up the complex issue. But he said he was committed to moving on immigration votes in the House next year.”


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