Phyllis Schlafly hopes conservatives can stop Obamacare, Common Core

“It’s a train wreck.”

Seemingly inexhaustible at the age of 89, national conservative leader Phyllis Schlafly believes advocates of limited government will roll back both the Affordable Care Act — Barack Obama‘s signal achievement as president — and the bipartisan push for creation of national Common Core State Standards for curriculum and instruction in public schools.

In an interview during a recent visit to the Sooner State, Schlafly, a famed constitutional lawyer from St. Louis, told Oklahoma Watchdog that conservatives “lucked out” in being blamed for the shutdown.

“Now the Obamacare issue is the number one story on television and on the Internet. Everything that is coming out is just proving that President Obama lied. He’s taking tremendous heat, and of course he deserves it.”

“It’s a train wreck. His whole program is a train wreck,” she said. It simply cannot work. The whole Obamacare scheme is predicated on young people signing up, but they’re not signing up. If they don’t sign up, it will collapse.”

The effect could be felt in the midterm elections.

“The consequence for the president is that his approval rating is plummeting,” she said. “I am hoping this translates into defeating a lot of Democrats next year.


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