The racist Democratic Party by Ted Nugent

Ted Nugent sorts out claims surrounding shooting of California teen.

In yet another hollow attempt to stir up racial controversy and divide America further in order to keep Americans from focusing on the gross ineptitude of Obamacare and the never-ending scourge of lies and scams spun by his administration, Mr. Obama’s Department of Justice is investigating if the civil rights of an Hispanic teenager were violated when a sheriff deputy in Sonoma County, Calif., shot and killed him as the young boy refused to drop his air-soft toy gun that resembled an AK-47.

The reports are that two police officers told the boy to drop the weapon. When the boy didn’t comply and turned toward the officers with the real-looking gun barrel pointing toward them, one of the officers shot and killed the lad.

Rather than focusing on the facts of the tragic shooting such as the officers telling the boy to drop the weapon and that the toy gun did not have the orange tip on its barrel as is required by law, the White House master excuse makers are blaming the cops and calling them racists.

Obviously, this tragedy could have been avoided if the boy would have complied with the directive of the police officers and dropped the rifle.

Absurd claims that the officers who shot the boy are racists and that cops in general are bigots and racists have accompanied protest marches by politically correct dolts against the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department, and more marches and protests are supposedly planned. We shouldn’t be surprised if Al Not-So-Sharpton and Jesse “Shakedown” Jackson show up to fan the ever so faint embers of the never-ending racism scam.


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