Former Alabama Great Left NFL Because He Felt Like Hernandez: ‘I Just Wanted to Kill Somebody’

Former Alabama great Rolando McClain, a player Alabama coach Nick Saban often said was an extension of himself on the field, left the game of football because he felt that he could be the next Aaron Hernandez.

“I felt like Aaron Hernandez, like I just wanted to kill somebody,” McClain told ESPN.

After getting drafted and signing a contract that guaranteed him $23 million, McClain’s friends and family kept bothering him for money, and it made him tired of the game that he used as an outlet for his anger:

He started to lose his love for the game and kept getting into trouble off the field. In December 2011, he was arrested in a shooting. In January 2013, he was arrested for having his car windows tinted too dark and for providing a false identity to police. Ten days after signing with the Ravens, he was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

McClain ran away from his single-parent home when he was 15 and lived on his friends’ couches.

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