Despite MSNBC Accolades, Ayers Memoir Bombs

467 copies.

No one has received more fawning attention from MSNBC than the left’s favorite terrorist, Bill Ayers. Ayers appeared on Morning Joe on October 14, where he was given the royal treatment; he also appeared on Now with Alex Wagner on October 16. MSNBC was more than deferential to the former Weather Underground bomber and friend of Barack Obama.

Unfortunately, his new book, Public Enemy, has not received as much public attention as critical attention – in its first two weeks, beginning October 6 and ending October 20, according to Bookscan numbers, which are typically used to track sales of books through traditional bookstores and, Ayers sold a grand total of 467 copies of his book over the first two weeks.

Apparently, there just isn’t as much of a market for warmed-over terrorist memoirs as there was a few years ago.

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