Janet Napolitano Gets Generous with Illegal Aliens in Her New Job as UC President

Napolitano can find $5 million in loose change to make the lives of foreign lawbreakers still easier as they take college slots that should go to California young people. Illegal alien students already get taxpayer-subsidized tuition and financial aid, but apparently that red carpet treatment was not enough and now they must have special advisors.

When Janet Napolitano was in charge of the Department of Homeland Security, the illegal alien hacks thought she deported too many of them. (However, it has been known for some time that the deportation figures of the current administration were inflated — Obama admitted the numbers were “deceptive” back in 2011.)

In her first major address in her new gig as head of the University of California system, she made a point of plopping down some serious cash for illegal alien students who want a free ride to UC — $5 million, at a time when the university has been struggling with its budget and tuition has been marching ever upward.

In an October 19 Huffpo article, University Of California Budget Still Rocky After Years Of Drastic Cuts, the former UC Berkeley Chancelor Robert Birgeneau remarked, “The reality is that the current budget is not stable in the long run and so the challenges are not over.” Today at UC, the annual price tag for tuition is $12,192, nearly twice what it was in 2006, and an increase is likely before long.


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