Renowned Scholar, Victor Davis Hanson, Leads New Online Freedom Academy

A place where people can rediscover freedom and liberty, one generation at a time.

PJ Media, LLC today launched its newest venture, the online Freedom Academy. Led by world-renowned scholar Victor Davis Hanson, the academy brings to life the ideas, people, literature and empires that originated and cultivated the principles of freedom and liberty over thousands of years.

“Many Americans yearn for a rebirth of the values that have sustained Western civilization, which is why we’re launching the Freedom Academy,” said Victor Davis Hanson, director of the Freedom Academy. “As Ronald Reagan warned, ‘Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction,’ so we have created the Freedom Academy as the place where current and future generations can rediscover freedom and liberty.”

One way to rediscover these Western values is through the Freedom Academy Book Club. The Book Club is a free forum where people who cherish freedom and liberty can revisit historical texts that shaped America’s destiny in addition to contemporary books that influence today’s debates about the country’s founding principles.

“As we transition from the brick and mortar store fronts to online book discovery, the Freedom Academy Book Club bridges the gap by connecting publishers to an online community of thoughtful readers,” said Roger Kimball, publisher at Encounter Books and PJ Media Columnist.

The club features book insights and recommendations from its Literary Panel, interviews with authors, and an interactive bookshelf to help you build and organize a reading list. Club members also can rate and review their favorite books as well as add recommendations to the mix.


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