Rep. Cartwright (D-PA) Claims Republican Base Consists of Racists and ‘Backward People’ (Video)

“There are, you know, a lot of fairly backward people that are a part of the base”

Rep. Matthew Cartwright

Substitute Host Michael Eric Dyson interviewed Rep. Matthew Cartwright (D-PA) on MSNBC’s The Ed Show on Tuesday. The discussion centered on the question of whether Senator Ted Cruz’s shutdown actions hurt the Republican Party. Rep. Cartwright used it as an opportunity to cast aspersions on the base of the Republican Party, ignoring the President’s call for civil political debate last week.

The discussion began after Dyson screened a video showing Sen. Cruz joking that the failing Obamacare website must be run by the infamous Nigerian email scammers.


Congressman Matthew Cartwright from Pennsylvania joins me now. Congressman, do Republicans care that their image is in such disastrous shape?


Oh I think they do. I think they have to cringe when they hear things like what you quoted Senator Cruz saying at the top of the show. I mean, jokes about Nigerian scammers scammers.

You know, I wonder how much off-the-cuff that really was, and how calculated it was to appeal to Senator Cruz’s base. Many of whom believe that the president is from Africa.


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