TruthRevolt’s Shapiro: ‘We Hate Congress, and There’s a Reason We Hate Congress’ (Video)

“Congress members are constantly using these loopholes to do more for themselves than they do for the American people.”

On Wednesday, TruthRevolt Editor-in-Chief appeared on Fox News to debate Kirsten Powers of The Daily Beast over Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) proposed constitutional amendment to prevent Congressional exemptions from laws of general applicability. Shapiro said, “Congress is very friendly to itself, which is no great shock here. The fact is that Congress has exempted itself from many a law in the past, including insider trading laws. It shouldn’t be the case that you go to Congress, and when you leave, you’re significantly richer than you were when you came to Congress in the first place. It’s what creates that trust gap.” Shapiro pointed out that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution already requires equal protection under the law.

After Powers argued that Congress did not routinely exempt itself from laws, and that Obamacare exemptions for Congress were “not a loophole.” Shapiro responded, “The fact is that David Vitter put forward an amendment that would have forced all of these Obamacare exemptions or subsidies to go away, and then Congress objected to it and didn’t put it through. And this is what we’re constantly seeing from a Congress that is mostly interested in enriching itself.” Shapiro cited Peter Schweizer’s book, Extortion, as proof that Congress was attempting to avoid laws applicable to others.

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