Ted Nugent is Sid Miller’s Treasurer in Ag Commish Race

Asked what his day-to-day duties would be on the campaign, Nugent said, “I do media every day, and I’ll raise as much hell as I can.”

Ted Nugent has agreed to be the treasurer and co-chairman of former state Rep. Sid Miller’s campaign for agriculture commissioner, the rock star, vocal conservative and fierce critic of President Obama said Tuesday night, promising to “raise as much hell” as he can in the campaign.

“I believe in guys who stand by the Constitution,” Nugent said in a phone interview late Tuesday while hanging up a freshly mounted ram on the wall of his home. “I believe in guys who represent ‘we the people’ and common sense.”

Nugent is no stranger to politics, having appeared publicly during election seasons to help out prominent Republican politicians such as Gov. Rick Perry and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. But he said this is the first time he has taken an official role and title in a candidate’s campaign.

This race is also unusually local and topic-specific for Nugent, known for his interest in national and high-profile statewide races. But he said the move made sense for him.

“I grow crops and I raise wildlife. I’ve been an ag guy since I was a kid,” he said.

Miller gained notoriety for a bill he authored that was signed by Perry in 2011 that requires doctors to perform sonograms before abortions. On the agriculture side of things, he also pushed to allow aerial hunting of feral hogs, an invasive species that has been a menace for many Texas farmers and ranchers.


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