Ted Nugent: The Truth Is – America Loves Venison (Videos)

Add to this gargantuan charitable generosity the many other charitable venison giveaways all over the country and it would take a mighty sick individual to complain or dare get in the way of such perfection. I for one have never heard of a tofu giveaway charity. That stuff can kill you.

Celebrate and salute this great deer hunting lifestyle every chance you get. And don’t be shy about pointing out all of the positive side effects to those not so enlightened.

How can we not celebrate enthusiastically our deer and deerhunting lifestyle in the pages and website of Deeranddeerhuntingmagazine? Of course we cannot not. So do.

And obviously like most of you, I celebrate it not only here but everywhere I go everyday of my life. Literally. No, really, everywhere everyday. Literally. Have done so in one way or another since I first ran into the braindead anti-nature freaks in the animal rights cults and the soulless anti-hunting gangs and all the HSUS, peta et al. scammers forevermore since the early 1960s. These crazies beg for and deserve a good solid roundhouse suckerpunch of my relentless truth, logic, common sense science crowbar. Remember, if you are not upsetting and offending idiots, you are probably an idiot.

Being that as it may, I am convinced after a lifetime of culture war victories, that the ultimate decapitation tactic against the scammers is to maximize the visible celebration and promotion of venison, how much we love it, how pure and renewable it is and how much of this sacred flesh feeds so many millions and millions of American families. We must always educate people to the self-evident truth of sustain yield science and carrying capacity of wildground which supports all living things, and just so happens to be the only source of quality air, soil and water. But the ultimate doorslammer on the feeble attempt to argue against hunting is the end result of tooth, fang and claw nature at its most magnificent-VENISON!


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