MotorCity Madman’s solution for MotorCity Madhouse

Ted Nugent has plan to turn destitute Detroit into fully privatized city.

My beloved birth city of Detroit is bankrupt and dying a quick, tragic death by misadventure. It is $18 billion in debt with no way of digging itself out.

Dr. Nuge to the rescue. The MotorCity Madman could have saved the MotorCity Madhouse.

Truth is, there isn’t much left of this once powerful and arguably the most productive city in America. Now, Detroit has been reduced to tens of thousands of dilapidated and abandoned homes and tens of thousands of empty lots and a few thousand soulless zombies. The living dead isn’t a movie back in Motown. It’s a sad reality.

It pains me no end to write this, but Detroit is quite possibly a lost cause. It is a city wracked with terminal cancer of the soul. The cancer could have been prevented, but decades of poor planning, corruption, punitive taxes and classic liberal backwards leadership allowed the cancer to metastasize. Terminus Eldorado indeed.

Predictably, cancer of the soul’s best friend, the Obama administration, is stepping in to provide millions of dollars in grants (i.e. more unauthorized U.S. taxpayer dollars) to artificially prop up the Motor City and keep it on life support. That dog won’t hunt.


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