Traffic stop turns into immigration protest, TPD uses pepper spray

Sgt. Maria Hawke with TPD said when the Border Patrol was responding to the scene, neighbors nearby started to notice. More people gathered. Groups were shouting, “Not one more,” and expressing that they were upset with law enforcement. Hawke says the crowd was as large as 100 people and they gathered around officers and “aggressively advanced toward them.”

A traffic stop turned into a protest on Tucson’s south side Tuesday night.

It happened near 22nd Street and 10th Avenue, near Santa Rosa Park.

Sgt. Maria Hawke with TPD tells Tucson News Now that an officer pulled over because the vehicle had no license plate light.

The driver and passenger both told police they had no identification or driver’s license. During this conversation, the police officer discovered they were both undocumented immigrants.

The police officer conducted a records check and discovered the driver has never had a license in the United States or in Arizona. According to Hawke, SB 1070 law then required the police officer to “mandatory impoundment” of the vehicle, arrest the driver and also required to call the Border Patrol.


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