California is the place to be if you are an illegal immigrant

The irony here is that California is attracting illegal immigrants at a time when it is a tough place to find a job: 11 of the 20 cities with highest unemployment are in California.

In an earlier post, I protested that California is issuing drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants.

It looks like California wants to become a “haven” for illegal immigration.

“Go west young man” is now “ven aqui sin papeles amigo”!

Governor Brown did it again:

“Law enforcement officials in California who arrest immigrants in the country illegally will be prohibited from detaining them for transfer to federal authorities unless they committed a serious crime under one of several bills signed Saturday by Gov. Jerry Brown to ease conditions for immigrants.

The Trust Act is the second milestone bill on immigration signed by the governor in two days. On Thursday he approved a measure allowing immigrants in the country illegally to receive California driver’s licenses.”

This is insane.

We have immigration laws to protect our sovereignty and our workers from unscrupulous employers.

Will the Obama administration be intervening in California to stop a state from sticking its nose in immigration (i.e. federal) law? The answer is no but I’m the eternal optimist.

In the meantime, the word will get out that illegals can drive in California and avoid ICE.


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