Carmen Fischer, Phoenix Attorney and Wife of New Mexican Mafia Honcho Angel Garcia, Arrested on 47 Counts

“Public records indicate the other four, Rosio Robles Gonzales, Oralia L. Garcia, and Tanya Garcia-Ochoa, of Phoenix, and Rosemary Ann Garcia, of Bisbee, are believed to be female associates within the gang. Their indictments state female associates are commonly used to facilitate the collection, holding and distribution of money, assist in the packaging and shipment of drugs and contraband, pass and forward mail and messages and often act as go-betweens conducting some gang business to better shield it from law enforcement.”

It’s been a blue moon or two since I gave much thought to Phoenix attorney Carmen Fischer, wife of Angel Garcia, imprisoned honcho of the New Mexican Mafia, an Arizona prison gang that takes its name from the more notorious, California-based eMe, or Mexican Mafia.

But along comes a press release Friday afternoon from the Pinal County Attorney’s Office, announcing that Fischer, like her already imprisoned hubby, is now behind bars, facing 47 counts, including fraud, money laundering, and using a wire for a drug or organized crime offense.

According to the release, seven agencies working in concert arrested Fischer and four other women Friday, in an indictment that also hit Garcia — currently cooling his heels in a Florence prison — with 159 counts ranging from drug crimes and money laundering to solicitation of murder and assisting a criminal street gang.


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