Glenn Beck’s Bold Speech to a Room Full of Journalists: Your Old Media Models Are Dying

“Too many in traditional media have built these huge buildings and giant printing presses and everything else – it’s old! It’s not going to be a part of the future. You don’t have to go through all those portals anymore,” said Beck.

Glenn Beck has a vision for the future of new media.

It’s hazy and he’s not entirely sure what’s on the horizon, but he knows it won’t include the models of yesteryear.

“The old-style media doesn’t really understand what’s coming their way,” said Glenn Beck at the annual Society of American Business Editors and Writers (SABEW) conference in New York City, which TheBlaze attended.

“We are facing what, I think, is a [new] industrial revolution, as big as the Industrial Revolution. But it’s going to be compacted into a 10-year period. Everything is going to change. The system is going to change.

“Cultures will change. Everything is changing. You can either sit here and hang on to whatever it is, these old structures, or you can be more like GM,” he said.

Beck reminded the roomful of journalists that GM used to be a coach maker. However, once the company realized that cars were the way of the future, it got some skin in the game. It didn’t argue for bailouts or lobby to halt the production of cars; it quit the coach-making game and got into the car racket.


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