Tom Hanks Throws Support Behind Vets Storming Memorial Barricades

Actor Tom Hanks boasts the same liberal bona fides many of his Hollywood peers possess. The Forrest Gump star differs from some in his unabashed support of U.S. veterans, something he fosters through projects like the HBO miniseries The Pacific.

This week, Hanks told reporter Nicholas Ballasy that he supports U.S. veterans going through government barricades earlier this week to reach national memorials.

“Good for the veterans .. we should all have access to them all the time … sorry that they didn’t have that,” Hanks says. “We should all have access to our national monuments and parks. It’s as simple as that.”

An interesting side note is how uneasy Hanks appears initially when fielding political questions.

“I’m not a political animal,” he says. Yet Hanks has used his clout to help make hard-left movies like Game Change. The actor’s once mighty box office clout isn’t what it used to be, and he caught serious heat when he suggested U.S. soldiers had racial animosity toward the Japanese during World War II.


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