La Raza celebrates Latino independence days

“It puts the idea of resistance in the forefront of the school,” said Villegas, a Humanities grad student and lecturer.

Javier Morelos Garza grabs the final seat during musical chairs at the La Raza Student Organization’s festival in Malcolm X Plaza Sept 18, 2013.

Vibrant banners and flags of Latin American countries adorned the stage in Malcolm X Plaza, Wednesday, as La Raza Student Organization celebrated its Festival de las Americas, an annual event in honor of Latin American independence days. Many of SF State’s Latino organizations including Hermanos Unidos, MEChA and ALAS were present at the event, tabling and selling snacks.

This is the 40th year La Raza has organized the event. This year’s theme was “Celebrating Resistance.”

“Festival de la Americas is to celebrate the independence of all the countries, but the reason why we put ‘celebrating resistance’ (is) because (independence) not only came through resistance, but resistance is still happening today,” said Emilytricia López of La Raza.

She said the foreign policies of first world countries are more like economic imperialism.

“Resistance is part of Latin American culture,” she said. “It becomes our everyday lives.”


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