‘Dictatorship 101?: Beck’s Chilling Break-Down of What Parent Arrested After Questioning Common Core Means for America

“Where were the teachers as he was being removed? You know, the ones who always teach about how it’s wrong to bully people?” Beck asked. “Did not one person have the decency to stay stop, up there on the board?” “We have seen in the past few months teachers stand up for a colleague who raped an 8th grade student, but the teachers don’t stand up against this?” he added.

Glenn Beck told his audience on Monday that the arrest of a Maryland father who was asking questions about Common Core is frightening evidence of the country moving further along the path that he says goes from “nudge,” to “shove,” to “shoot.”

For those unfamiliar with the terms, Beck explained that “it’s how every Marxist utopian dream begins.”

“You start simple, with just a little ‘nudge,’” he said. “It’s Cash for Clunkers. It is trying to figure out a way to make energy prices ‘necessarily skyrocket,’ to nudge you into hybrids.”

But when that doesn’t work, the government starts to “shove,” Beck continued. “That’s when they use the IRS to shut down opposing voices. They use the NSA to monitor and track American citizens…Then they start using regulation and they start arresting people to scare everybody.”

If that also fails to produce the results the government seeks, Beck said, historically, they start to shoot, or send people to re-education or internment camps.

“So where are we in the scale?” Beck asked the audience. “Are we at nudge, shove, or shoot?”

Beck said after he saw the video of what happened in Towson, Maryland, he couldn’t sleep for two hours because he believes “it is a very important piece that moves us further towards shoot.”

Here’s complete video of the event, in case you missed it:


Complete text linked here.

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