Was D.C. massacre a hate crime?

Jack Cashill says ‘black grievance industry’ was influential with shooter.

Aaron Alexis, the former Navy reservist who killed a dozen people in Monday’s Navy Yard shooting, no doubt had psychological problems aplenty.

But evidence suggests that those problems were aggravated by the message that the Democratic-media complex has been steadily pumping out, namely that a black American can never expect justice.

In the past, the media have desperately sought to blame mass violence directly on the right, as they did after the shootings in Tucson and Aurora, Colo., or to blame the right indirectly by focusing on guns, as they did after the Sandy Hook school shooting.

That doesn’t work here. As the saner among the media elite know, the blame circles back upon themselves. They helped create the atmosphere in which an emotionally unstable black person finds it easier to blame whites than he does himself.

Friend and employer Kristi Suthamtewkal told NBC News that Alexis “felt a lot of discrimination and racism with white people especially.”

The deeply troubled Alexis had been involved in several serious disputes in the past, at least two of which had prompted him to shoot at inanimate objects.


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