National Federation of Republican Assemblies Passes Anti-Amnesty Resolution

On Saturday, the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA), a grassroots organization with conservative leaders and activists that work with legislators on the state level, passed a resolution against amnesty at its annual convention in Dallas, Texas.

The resolution, a copy of which Breitbart News has obtained, urges President Barack Obama and Congress to “secure America’s borders, secure the visa entry/exit process and reject demands to repeat the failed 1986 legalization program for illegal aliens.”
It also states the “the United States of America takes in more legal immigrants than any nation in the world” and “it is impossible to honor the rich tradition of immigration and the Rule of Law upon which the American Republic was founded unless and until existing immigration laws are ardently and equally enforced.”

Georgia State Senator Josh McKoon, who was one of Georgia’s National Directors to the NFRA and led the state’s delegation’s efforts to pass the resolution, told Breitbart News that he, along with Kay Godwin and Pat Tippett from Georgia Conservatives in Action, “advocated for this resolution because government needs to focus on enforcing current immigration law.”

“America has a great tradition of legal immigration that continues today,” McKoon told Breitbart News. “The utter failure of the federal government to address the problem of illegal immigration is straining the infrastructure financed by American taxpayers, keep wages low and unemployment high.”


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