New Poll Shows GOP Shifting in Fascinating New Direction

“From Obamacare on down, sticking to principle is where the Republican base is today,” David Kirby, vice president of opinion research at FreedomWorks, said in a POLITCO report. “It’s an example of how off the Republican establishment is from their base.”

Former Texas Congressman Ron Paul and son Sen. Rand Paul

Republicans in record numbers moving toward the ideals and principles of libertarianism, according to a new poll by released by the grassroots group FreedomWorks.

The survey of all registered voters, which was conducted last month, found that a full 78 percent of Republican and GOP-leaning voters self-identify as being fiscally conservative and socially moderate

The results of the survey were first shared with POLITICO.

The poll found that its Republican and independent-leaning respondents aren’t suddenly advocating legalized marijuana and instructing people to read “The Fountainhead.” Rather, as POLITICO’s James Hohman notes, many self-identified Republicans are simply falling in line with traditional libertarian views on limited government.

This comes after years of GOP domination by “defense hawks” and “social conservatives.”

Now, according to the FreedomWorks report, the GOP is starting to back away from social conservatism and hawkishness and lean toward libertarianism.


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