‘Dreamer’ Website Teaches Illegal Immigrants ‘How To Lie Successfully’

If you’re an illegal immigrant worried about being caught, help is only a mouse click away. An article from the radical website DreamActivist.org will give you a quick lesson on how to lie about your status. It’s all part of the aggressive pro-illegal immigration ‘Dreamer movement’ that is leading the fight for “comprehensive” immigration reform, with a boost from President Barack Obama and many in Congress.

The “Dreamers” are illegal immigrants who were brought into the country by their parents. They’ve become the darlings of the media, garnering both positive press and an executive order by President Obama in 2012, offering them legal status if they met certain requirements and paid a $465 fee. Even that controversial end-run around Congress, however, wasn’t enough for the Dream activists as they pursued an agenda that rejects the idea of borders and deportation entirely.

The theatrical direct-actions of the Dreamers have intensified in recent months, including the ‘Dream 9’ activists who went to Mexico and then came back into the United States using an asylum claim. The avowed and proud illegal immigrants have used in-your-face social justice tactics for years, however, showing a dedication and a long-term view that opponents of amnesty would do well to note.

The Dreamer movement has been pushing the edge of the envelope in both their goals and tactics. They are gaining ground. The ACLU recently called Dreamers ‘the face of immigration reform movement’ and wrote:

But as important as their stories have been to the immigration reform movement, we can’t lose sight of the critical organizing DREAMers have been engaged in for years, pushing not only for the DREAM Act, but also for creating an environment where voices as disparate as Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) can vote “Yes” to move sweeping immigration reform legislation out of the Senate Judiciary Committee.


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