Selective Racism Is the Newest Social Disease — And It’s Being Spread by Obama

Not sure which came first, the chicken or the egg, but black leaders and the media are also silent when it comes to black on black crime. It’s like all the news directors got together and said “if we don’t report it and don’t talk about it, it’s not really happening.”

“I believe in a country where education not hip-hop hoop dreams are the norm. I believe in a country where black women are not called bitches and hoes and fathers actually stay around to raise their children. I believe in a country where drug gangs don’t shoot each other with illegal guns and little kids can play in their front yard without fear. I believe in a day where liberal activists and unions do not sell out a race for political strategy. I believe in a day where personal responsibility and not the blame game is the mantra for every black child.” – said Fictitious African American leader.

While watching the major networks cover the 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King’s March on Washington, it suddenly hit me — President Obama’s message of “hope & change” is back again. We haven’t seen this Obama since the campaign, his supporters are eating it up like fresh baked cherry pie, and if he stays with this, it may actually allow him to escape his presidency unscathed.

Although Obama has been unable to convince most conservative Americans that there is any “hope” left for his second term or that any of the so-called “change” he has inflicted upon us is for our own good — our first black president has slipped back to what always worked for him — standing at the pulpit of America passionately giving motivational sermons to the masses. So what if our economy still sucks and our foreign policy is laughable — that man can give a good speech, by golly.


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