Conservatives Avoid Fine Arts at Their Peril in Culture War Fight

Our longest engagement to date is the culture war currently taking place in our own back yard. And with no end in sight, liberal/progressive/collectivists have been kicking some serious conservative ass–seemingly without resistance–for the last few decades.

And where the culture goes–so went the country.

Shamelessly transforming our way of life, collectivists have been flexing their cultural muscles; exercising their game plans; shifting strategies to meet any opposition; and patiently inching closer and closer for the final blow.

“Black and White and Red All Over”

And while progressives were T.C.B. and lying to our face, too many Americans were content to simply enjoy all the hard earned gifts laid out before them by their predecessors, without a care in the world or a thought about mañana.

Oblivious, they hadn’t noticed the collectivist agenda slowly creeping into every facet of their complacent lives, until they were finally bitch-slapped into consciousness by reality, coming to in a home no longer their own.

Now easy targets, the left pounced; relentlessly ridiculing them and accusing them of every hate crime ever suffered by humanity, until they were so beaten down, they found themselves feeling guilty as charged and deserving of any and all abuses.


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