Help Wanted: Conservative Culture Warriors to Battle the Left (Video)

Much like the two dogs facing off in the story about an Eskimo fisherman (the origin of “Two Wolves”), an epic battle rages across our homeland between two disparate cultural ideologies that ironically involves two “Mafias.” A question is posed at the end: “Which one will dominate us?”

Edward Bernays, “Father of Public Relations,” said:

Propaganda will never die out. Intelligent men must realize that propaganda is the modern instrument by which they can fight for productive ends and help to bring order out of chaos.

“Everything” is culture; by disseminating propaganda via mass media, the “elite” use culture to control without physical coercion. This “engineering of consent” is manipulation of public opinion to accept the “agenda.”

Two Mafias:

On the left of the political spectrum we have the deep-pocketed, “Malibu Mafia”–Hollywood activists who successfully leveraged their prominence to support liberal politicians and far-left causes.

On the right we have the undaunted, do-it-yourselfers: “BigDawg Music Mafia”–concerned American citizens engaging in pop culture, extolling the indisputable virtues of our U.S. Constitution–something the fearless Andrew Breitbart so passionately fought for.

And now, a classic “In the Moment” with “General” Breitbart.

Since its inception Malibu Mafia members have actively worked with secret front groups or “bundlers” to fund Liberal candidates. Their “coup” on our American culture was not, however, an overnight proposition.


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