Black Racist foreigners bombard the Hounslow offices of the UK Border Agency (Video)

On the 1st of August 2013, a crowd of noisy abusive and racist women took to the streets of Southall and Hounslow, London, to complain about the existence of the UK Border Agency.

They were claiming that NOBODY needs to speak to the UKBA, to justify their right to be living in OUR country, Great Britain.

These black and brown foreign women were using (very) loud hailers and these were used to shout in the faces of two Border Agency officers, whilst the officers were trying, ever so politely, to kiss their backsides!

Instead of calling the riot squad to have them removed, these PC UKBA officers tried whispering through the cacophony of noise that the foreign women were creating, right outside the the UKBA offices.

Those of us who are used to exposing the injustices that are inflicted upon the rightful occupants of Britain will be very much aware of how WE would be treated, if the roles were reversed.


Complete text linked here.

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