BGF Gang & Illegal Guns Blamed For Rampant Violence In Baltimore City

Violent gangs are causing chaos in some Baltimore neighborhoods. City leaders are trying to crack down—but is it working?


As fear grips part of Baltimore, police have focused on the most violent offenders. Many are members of gangs like the Black Guerilla Family, or BGF. Police say that includes Darryl Anderson, accused of murdering a woman. He remains at large.

“Something very minor can spark violence,” said Rob Weinhold, Jr., a public safety expert with the Fallston Group.

Weinhold has years of expertise in public safety and says the city made a smart move in the gang fight by funding two new federal prosecutors.

“You really need to hit the gangs where it hurts and that is federal prosecution and finances,” Weinhold said.

Much of the bloodshed stems from the lucrative drug trade and federal authorities allege the BGF was making deals from inside the City Detention Center, leading to a crackdown that could have inflamed violence on the outside.


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