Black Tea Party group to rally against the NAACP

“We’re gonna expose and educate the people about the [NAACP],” said Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson. “They are not supporting black Americans, but using them for their own personal gain.”

On July 24th members of the South Central Los Angeles Tea Party and hundreds of others will rally against the NAACP in an event sponsored by Peterson’s organization BOND Action.

BOND Action is a non-profit founded by Peterson. While the organization has grown into the political specter as of late, they remain focused on community-based activism such as counseling, tutoring, workshops and Sunday services connected to it’s church.

The “rally to expose the failed big government agenda and lies of the NAACP” will be held directly outside of the Los Angeles Convention Center, where the NAACP is holding it’s 102nd annual convention. Titled “Affirming America’s Promise”, the NAACP expects about 12,000 people a day to attend their week long convention, which starts Saturday, July 23 and ends Thursday, July 28th.

While the South Central Los Angeles Tea Party is relatively new, it has been recognized by both the Republican Party of Los Angeles and other Tea Party organizations such as the 405/605 Tea Party Patriots. However, neither organization has expressed plans to attend this Sundays rally and have expressed more knowledge of Peterson himself, than his organization.


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