The Ballad Of The Fat, Drunk And Stupid

Conservatives need to jump in with content-rich shows that are funny, entertaining and relevant — shows that build loyal audiences. We can’t change culture if we’re off on the sidelines. We have to be the culture.

Has Greg Gutfield banned the term “culture war” yet? If not, it’s time we figure out what it means and how we fight it before he does.

As Animal House said it, “Fat, Drunk and Stupid is no way to go through life.” Yet, on the “culture war,” conservatives continue to act just like that — with those who would rather invest in establishment instead of TV, film, music, art and literature, people ignorant that they’re losing ground to Progressives every day.

The late Andrew Breitbart famously said “politics is downstream of culture.” Years earlier (5th century BCE, actually) it was Damon of Athens who stated “Let me write the songs of a nation, and I care not who writes its laws.” Buffalo Springfield’s 1967 hit “For What It’s Worth” had more impact on the votes of members of Congress than the actual results of the Vietnam war. “For What It’s Worth,” which originally described riots on the Sunset Strip, was co-opted by the anti-war movement in the years that followed. The premature withdrawal that resulted from this cultural takeover cost many thousands of lives and set the American psyche in a horrific direction.

Exactly how long will conservatives wait to get in the game?


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