Illegal Immigration and Identity Politics

Identity politics are once again ruling the day as Congress hands out goodies and comprises the little integrity they have left on the immigration debate. With 1,200-page amendments and pork galore, it seems Congress will force immigration down the throats of the American people, whether we like it or not.

If what we’ve seen of Obamacare is any indication, we won’t.

The left is doing what they do best: painting anyone who stands against immigration reform as bigoted, racist, or heartless. And as always, the right is doing what they do best: folding under pressure. Where is the voice of the American people? Who is our representative?

There are several issues we still need to consider.

First, why is it that so many illegal immigrants want to come to this country? The left is always talking about how America is deeply flawed. In fact, they want to change our entire system. If we are so bad, why would they subject innocent immigrants to the American way of life? I would love to hear a liberal answer that question.

Second, when Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) aides speak of “Americans” who aren’t “real workers,” who do you think they are talking about? Black America, maybe? I think so.

Black Americans, we are being replaced. They are killing us in abortion clinics, and we are killing ourselves on the street corners. An ever-growing percentage of our population has felonies and no ability to vote. We are outliving our use. Answer this question: will your felonies be forgiven like the illegal immigrants that broke the law?


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