Palin: Abolish the IRS

On Saturday, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said that the IRS–and much of the federal bureaucracy–needs to be abolished. Appearing on Fox News’ “Cashin In” with Eric Bolling, Palin said that she agreed with Tea Partiers who want to abolish the IRS, suggesting that it would undercut much of the cronyism rampant in Washington.

She said the tax code needs to be simplified with the adoption of a flat tax. “That way we can abolish the bureaucracy that is so burdensome and expensive, and it would allow some sledgehammering of the crony capitalism and the corruption within [government],” Palin said.

When asked about the $70 million in bonuses IRS agents are set to take home, Palin said it was another example of the Obama administration kowtowing to union leadership that engages in “thuggery.” She said the “thugs” in the union leadership give union members a bad name.

Regarding those bonuses, Palin said “only in an Orwellian government” is “a collective bad deed so generously rewarded.” She also said it was difficult for Americans to trust a government that will not even admit it is bankrupt and continues to perpetuate the problem by spending more money it does not have.


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