Pawn Stars’ Rick Harrison Alleges Shocking Miscarriage of Justice in Speaking Out Against Big Government

Rick Harrison, star of the History Channel’s hit series “Pawn Stars,” spoke out against big government on the Glenn Beck radio program Friday using some shocking examples from his own life.

Rick Harrison, owner of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop waits as a camera crew prepares to shoot an episode of Pawn Stars at his shop in Las Vegas.

After discussing the $400,000 it would’ve cost to tear down a wall in his building to be in compliance with government regulations, Harrison spoke about a close family member who had something “really bad” happen to her.

The man involved, whom Harrison identified as Richard Burditt, was charged with forcible sexual abuse four years ago and has pleaded guilty.

But, Harrison said, the man “hasn’t spent a day in jail because of all the bureaucracy.”

Apparently Burditt “has to have his psycho-sexual evaluation before they could sentence him… And they’re saying it’s now delayed until September.”

Local media reports indicate Burditt, now 44-years-old, worked as a custodian at Sunrise Ridge Intermediate School in St. George, Utah, and was accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl.

“He’s not going to [go] and say, ‘I like having sex with children,’” Harrison asserted. And if he can somehow reduce his sentence by lying, he probably will. Is it really necessary that the evaluation happen before Burditt be taken into custody, Harrison asked?

“It’s the insanity of our legal system,” Harrison said, adding that the man “would’ve spent more time in jail if he got a DUI.”


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