Sheriff’s Call On Citizens To Stand Up For Their Rights

Speakers Friday emphasized the oath they took to uphold the U.S. Constitution. Many of them said it would violate their oaths to support the gun control measures requested by President Obama after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke

A group of law enforcement officers and citizens who see gun control laws as a violation of the U.S. Constitution met in St. Charles Friday. Speakers urged them to continue to speak out for liberty and freedom as defined by the Bill of Rights.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, known for his radio spots urging responsible gun ownership, told 200 attending the conference that the Washington D.C. “ruling class” sees the rest of the citizens as “nothing more than subjects.” Clarke, an African American who is in his third elected term as sheriff, warned Americans need to stand up for their rights or risk losing them. ” This is not about Democrats or Republicans; this is not about liberals or conservatives,” he said adding government is the “common enemy.” Clarke said he believes government is “encroaching on our liberties” as it grows more oppressive and intrusive.

The conference was sponsored by the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association founded three years ago by a sheriff from Arizona.

A police chief from Old Monroe in Lincoln County, MO lobbied to bring the convention to St. Charles. Chief Larry Kirk said he wanted law enforcement officers in Missouri to pay more attention to Constitutional issues.


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