The Gods of Multiculturalism Must Be Crazy: Muslims won’t win against the West

(2010) Immigration tensions are rising in Germany following Chancellor Angela Merkel’s statement that multiculturalism has failed in the country. Udo Ulfkotte, a noted German journalist and author, known for his severe criticism of Islam, shared with RT his view on what is behind the integration dispute and where it may lead. “What I believe is there is a place for Muslim in this world and for their culture, they have a place to live in,” Ulfkotte told RT. “And there is a place for European and Western culture to live in. What I don’t believe is they will live peacefully together. We have a clash not only of civilizations and religions, we have a clash of ideologies, like we had a clash between communism and capitalism. Now we have a clash because Islam is also an ideology. I believe that Islam is not going to win a battle.”

Udo Ulfkotte

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