SAT Canceled In For The Entire Country South Korea Because Of Massive Fraud By Would-Be Immigrants To US

It’s the first time the SAT test has been called off in an entire country.

by Steve Sailer

From Time magazine:

For the First Time, SAT Test Gets Canceled in an Entire Country

By Kayla Webley | – Fri, May 10, 2013

Some 1,500 South Korean students who dream of attending elite American colleges are scrambling after the U.S.-based administrator of the SAT cancelled the scheduled May 4 session of the exam because of allegations of widespread cheating.

Have you come to hate the word “dream” as much as I have?

It’s the first time the SAT test has been called off in an entire country.

… Test center managers told the Journal that the problem is widespread and that official test booklets can be purchased from brokers for about $4,575 — a relatively small price to pay for families fighting to gain admittance to Harvard, Stanford and other prestigious American schools no matter the cost. According to the Institute of International Education’s most recent annual report, South Korea sent 72,295 students to study in the U.S. in the 2011–12 school year, making the country the third largest provider of foreign students to U.S. colleges after China and India. Worldwide, international student enrollment at U.S. colleges has soared in recent years with a record 764,495 foreign students attending American universities in 2011–12.


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