‘Hating Breitbart’ a must-see documentary

Film celebrates journalist who battled establishment media.

Andrew Marcus, the writer and producer of the full-length documentary film “Hating Breitbart,” first met Andrew Breitbart when he was covering the tea party movement in 2010.

“Filming tea party events, I came across Andrew Breitbart and was captivated by his energy and his commitment,” Marcus told WND in an interview. “We approached Breitbart with the idea (of making a film) and Andrew loved it.”

Marcus explained Breitbart had to agree to be followed around for what turned out to be the larger part of two years, without having editorial control over the film.

“Andrew didn’t see the film until we were just about done,” Marcus explained. “He saw the final rough-cut, when we were in the last stages of post-production.”

How did Breitbart react to seeing the film the first time?

“He loved it,” Marcus said, “so much so that he came up with a brilliant idea of how to promote the film.”

‘Occupy Breitbart’

Marcus explained Breitbart’s promotional concept.

“In a flash of intuition, Breitbart came up with the idea of funding the Occupy movement to create and film an ‘Occupy Breitbart’ movement,” Marcus explained.


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