Squelching the Tea Party Gave Obama the Election

Remember all the headlines during the election, wondering what happened to the Tea Party, the liberal crowing that it had gone silent?

NPR, February 2012: “Strong in 2010, Where Is the Tea Party Now?” – “what’s most striking about the movement this election has been its notable absence.” Mother Jones, “The Tea Party is Dead.” .” ABC: “What Happened to the Tea Party?” New York Times, June 2012: “The Movement Has Fizzled Out.”

Remember how odd it was hear conservative pundits saying, ‘our voters would crawl over broken glass to vote against Obama’, while pollsters correctly predicted that Republican turnout would be nowhere near what it was in 2010? Remember 2010, when the Tea Party grassroots roared? Remember 2012, when the Tea Party was missing?

Obama lost Democrat votes in the 2012 election. He won because Republicans stayed home. Democrats got their vote out, we didn’t. The contrast between Republican turnout in 2010 and 2012 can be summed up in two words: Tea Party.


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