‘Women Warriors’: New Movement Challenges Liberal Feminism

Women Warriors know that “spreading the wealth around” is the death of liberty, and how long we have known this — Samuel Adams warned during our Revolutionary era: “The pooling of property and redistributing of wealth are both despotic and unconstitutional.” Women Warriors know that Obama does not embrace free enterprise.

Liberal feminists think they have cornered the market on defining a woman. They think they own the agenda on what a woman wants; that only they represent women’s rights.

To listen to a liberal feminist, it’s as if the women’s revolution was only about sex and the womb. This is ultimate hypocrisy, yet this limitation of women as sexual objects is the primary mantra from the Obama White House — one that has been accused of being a hostile workplace for women. While fourteen-year-old Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head by the Taliban for wanting to attend school, liberal feminists in America were disgracefully whining about who pays for their birth control.

Yet we see a new feminist movement arising in America — the “Women Warriors.” Conservative women are representing reason and are selflessly seeking answers to critical concerns beyond gender and sex. Women Warriors understand the conflicts of the world, the crises confronting America, and are sounding the alarm.

The new conservative women’s movement has proven to be vividly aware of the intentions and the failures of President Obama, and the dangers that his reelection pose. They know of the unsustainable, crushing debt that makes America vulnerable to economic collapse and attack; they know that Obama has accrued more debt in the last four years than all past American presidents combined. Do the liberal feminists know that?


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