Video: Officer who accused Boren of racial slur boasted in squad car that he targeted ‘white folks’

Foxx’s story fell apart during a week of interviews that culminated with failed polygraph test the day before he resigned.

A former Columbus Police corporal who resigned under pressure last week after falsely accusing Chief Ricky Boren of using a racial slur in reference to Marshal Greg Countryman, had been suspended six years ago for making discriminatory comments about “white folks.”

According to reports obtained Wednesday under Georgia’s Open Records Act, officer Jeff Foxx, who is black, made the comments while on patrol on University Avenue. Foxx was having a personal cellphone conversation as he initiated a traffic stop during the lunch hour on March 5, 2007. His remarks were recorded by the dashboard camera. The recording system was activated by the blue light and picked up everything said in Foxx’s vehicle starting 60 seconds prior to turning on the light, police officials confirmed.

Foxx stopped a Ford F-150 pickup that was being driven by a white female. As he turned his car around to pursue the truck, Foxx can be heard on the recording telling a person he identified as Baby, “I am hooking these white folks up with tickets.”

As he pulled behind the truck with his blue light on, he was still having the cellphone conversation. At that time, he said, “They make me work these white folks area, somebody’s going to pay the price.”

Foxx was given a one-day suspension by Maj. Julius Graham, who noted the corporal’s words were “discriminatory and prejudicial.”


Video and complete text linked here.

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