England: Why are taxpayers supporting pro-immigration charities?

Look at the current immigration reform being proposed in the US, which is heavily supported by big business and by the overwhelmingly dominant liberal media. You’d think that some people on the Left would have something to say on the impact on middle and working-class jobs, and the US’s ever Latinised inequality levels, but not a peep.

Did you buy “Candle in the Wind”, Elton John’s Godawful ditty that came out during the hysteria following Princess Diana’s tragic death in 1997?

Well, if you did, then you were, bizarrely, funding Britain’s transformation into a more multicultural society, one you might well object to if you’re among the 57 per cent of people who believe immigration to be among the three most important issues facing the country, or the 25 per cent who voted Ukip in some parts. It’s a strange story, illustrative of our system.

Although in the Queen’s Speech yesterday the Government set out restrictions on immigration, and the public mood seems to be heading Right, the acceptable centre of gravity on immigration will not continue the way of Ukip. Why?

A couple of weeks back the Daily Mail ran a story about how the Princess Diana Memorial Fund had been “hijacked by Left-wingers to fund a pro-immigration propaganda campaign”. The story was somewhat swallowed up by the death of Margaret Thatcher, but it’s worth exploring in the light of Ukip’s extraordinary surge.


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